Hot flashes

Hot flashes are sudden/unexpected feelings of intense warmth, which are usually felt over the face (including the ears), neck and chest; sometimes it feels like your whole body is being attacked by heat. You may experience sweating (like water is just pouring out of you) then later of course, you become cold or chilled. You take your jacket off because you feel as though you are going to pass out from this intense heat then you have to put it on again (later) because now you feel almost as though you are freezing.

Understand that this is one of the discomforts that you may experience because of the changes in your hormone levels during this time of life. You will get through it although it may last for a while and may be irritating, especially, if you are going through this several times a day. It is also annoying when you cannot sleep or cannot even engage in some quality loving (hugging or even sex) because you are feeling so miserable.

There are several herbal items on the market and many have reportedly help to decrease this problem. Your doctor may also prescribe something that will help in this area. If you are on medications, or if you have any medical issues, you will want to check with your doctor before you take any over the counter product.

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