Palpitations – This occurs when your heart skips beats, beats rapidly, beats irregularly, or beats forcefully (like a thumping in your chest). Sometimes it sounds as though there is a loud thumping is in your ears, especially if you are in a quiet room.  Many women who are going through menopause experience palpitations; this can be very scary, as you do not know what is happening to you.

In addition to menopause, palpitations may occur because of other reasons, for example, caffeine (coffee, tea or chocolate), anxiety, stress and undue worrying, some medications, illegal drugs, lack of sleep; the list goes on. It is important to have this symptom checked out, as there might be a serious medical issue involved. Your body constantly tries to tell you what is going on through the signs and symptoms it presents; you have to stop and listen to it. Your doctor might want to give you a complete physical including blood work and tests, for example, an EKG to rule out any serious medical problem.

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